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General Terms and Conditions

Service Provider Information

Name of Cooperation: Amaze Design V.O.F.
Trade name: Amaze 360
Address: Esmoreitstraat 6. 1055 CD, Amsterdam

Chamber of Commerce Number: 81995776
EU VAT Number: NL862297990B01
Bank: NL80BUNQ2057087131 BIC:BUNQNL2A
Webpage: https://amaze360.nl
Email: info@amazedesign.eu
Tel: +31619926782

General Terms:  https://amaze360.nl/general-terms-and-conditions/
Returns Policy: https://amaze360.nl/returns/

Acceptance of the General Terms

  1. By using any of the services or products offered by Amaze 360 you indicate that you accept the Terms.
  2. If you do not accept the Terms, you cannot use the services of Amaze 360.
  3. The person making a booking accepts the General Terms and Conditions on behalf of the entire group that will join him/her at Amaze 360, thus the Terms apply for every member of the group who use the services of Amaze 360.


  1. “Client”: any person or entity who enters the Amaze 360 website and books our services.
  2. “You”; “Your”; “Participant” means the client.
  3. “We”; “Us”; “Our”: as used in the present Terms and Conditions “we”, “us”, “our”, Amaze or Amaze 360 denotes Amaze Design V.O.F
  4. “Parties”: the client and Amaze are collectively referred to as the “parties”
  5. “Service”; “Services”: any and all services offered by us on the https://amaze360.nl website.
  6.  “Agreement”; “Terms”: refer to the present Terms and Conditions.
  7. For the purposes of the Terms and Conditions, we shall use Amaze 360 to refer to both Amaze Design V.O.F and https://amaze360.nl and any and all domains owned by Amaze.

Revision of Terms

  1. Amaze 360 may revise the Terms at any time by updating this document.
  2. All modified Terms and Conditions shall take effect immediately after having been posted on the Amaze 360 website.
  3. You acknowledge and agree that Amaze 360 has the sole discretion to set forth and post additional terms and conditions for your use of the services. You agree that those additional terms and conditions shall be considered an effective amendment to these Terms and said Terms and Conditions shall be incorporated herein. Furthermore, you expressly agree that if there is any conflict between those additional terms and conditions and the present Terms set forth herein shall take primacy.
  4. Any rights not expressly granted in the present Terms are reserved.

 Product Information and Warranties

  1. The service will be provided with care and due diligence, in a professional manner and in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. Amaze has made a conscientious effort to display and describe its services on the website accurately. Amaze is constantly improving its information, products and services. Consequently, Amaze cannot and does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information, including prices, specifications, availability and services.
  2. You acknowledge and agree that the form and nature of the services, which Amaze provides may change without prior notice to you.
  3. Amaze reserves the right to modify or discontinue the service with or without notice to you or other clients.
  4. Amaze shall not be liable to clients or any third party should Amaze exercise its right to modify or discontinue the service

The Services

Amaze 360 delivers the following services:

  1. Interactive 360 photography service, software development and advice for interactive online experiences
  2. Remote Online Escape Room Game: an online software service, which customers can buy on the amaze360 webshop and play in their web browser. The purchased login codes can be used 1 time to use the service.


  1. The prices displayed on the Amaze 360 website, and/or sent by Amaze or its agents in official offers are gross prices including the applicable VAT.
  2. During the period of validity stated in the offer, the prices of the products and/or services offered will not be increased, except for price changes as a result of changes in VAT rates.


  1. Payment is possible via:
    1. Online payment via iDeal for purchases in the webshop
    1. Bank transfer for business clients in case they have a confirmed offer

The offer – Webshop

  1. The article is applicable for products sold on the Webshop.
  2. If an offer has a limited period of validity or is made subject to conditions, this will be expressly stated in the offer.
  3. The offer contains a complete and accurate description of the products, digital content and/or services offered. The description is sufficiently detailed to allow a proper assessment of the offer by the consumer. If the Amaze 360 uses images, these are a true representation of the products, services and/or digital content offered. Obvious mistakes or obvious errors in the offer are not binding on the Amaze 360.
  4. Each offer contains such information that it is clear to the consumer what rights and obligations are attached to the acceptance of the offer.

The purchase agreement – Webshop

  1. The article is applicable for products sold on the Webshop.
  2. Subject to the provisions of paragraph 4, the agreement is concluded at the time of acceptance by the consumer of the offer and compliance with the associated conditions.
  3. If the consumer has accepted the offer electronically, Amaze 360 will immediately confirm receipt of the acceptance of the offer electronically. As long as the receipt of this acceptance has not been confirmed by Amaze 360, the consumer can dissolve the agreement.
  4. If the agreement is concluded electronically, Amaze 360 will take appropriate technical and organizational measures to secure the electronic transfer of data and ensure a safe web environment. If the consumer can pay electronically, Amaze 360 will observe appropriate security measures.
  5. Within legal frameworks, Amaze 360 can inform himself whether the consumer can meet his payment obligations, as well as about all those facts and factors that are important for a responsible conclusion of the distance contract. If, on the basis of this investigation, Amaze 360 has good reasons not to enter into the agreement, he is entitled to refuse an order or request with reasons or to attach special conditions to the implementation.
  6. Amaze 360 will send the following information to the consumer at the latest upon delivery of the product, service or digital content, in writing or in such a way that it can be stored by the consumer in an accessible manner on a durable data carrier:
    1. the conditions under which and the manner in which the consumer can make use of the right of withdrawal, or a clear statement regarding the exclusion of the right of withdrawal;
    1. the information about guarantees and existing after-sales service;
    1. the price including all taxes of the product, service or digital content; to the extent applicable, the costs of delivery; and the method of payment, delivery or performance of the distance contract;
    1. the requirements for terminating the agreement if the agreement has a duration of more than one year or is of indefinite duration;
    1. if the consumer has a right of withdrawal, the model withdrawal form.
  7. In the case of a long-term transaction, the provision in the previous paragraph only applies to the first delivery.

Right of withdrawal – Webshop

  1. The article is applicable for products sold on the Webshop.
  2. The consumer can dissolve an agreement with regard to the purchase of a product during a cooling-off period of at least 14 days without stating reasons. Amaze 360 may ask the consumer for the reason for withdrawal, but not oblige them to state their reason(s).
  3. The reflection period referred to in paragraph 1 starts on the day after the consumer, or a third party designated by the consumer in advance, who is not the carrier, has received the product, or:
    1. if the consumer has ordered several products in the same order: the day on which the consumer, or a third party designated by him, has received the last product. Amaze 360 may, provided he has clearly informed the consumer about this prior to the ordering process, refuse an order for several products with different delivery times.
    1. if the delivery of a product consists of several shipments or parts: the day on which the consumer, or a third party designated by him, has received the last shipment or the last part;
    1.  in the case of agreements for regular delivery of products during a certain period: the day on which the consumer, or a third party designated by him, has received the first product.

Obligations of the consumer during the cooling-off period – Webshop

  1. The article is applicable for products sold on the Webshop.
  2.  During the cooling-off period, the consumer will handle the product and packaging with care. He will only unpack or use the product to the extent necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning of the product. The basic principle here is that the consumer may only handle and inspect the product as he would be allowed to do in a store.
  3. The consumer is only liable for depreciation of the product that is the result of a way of handling the product that goes beyond what is permitted in paragraph 1.
  4. The consumer is not liable for depreciation of the product if the entrepreneur has not provided him with all legally required information about the right of withdrawal before or at the conclusion of the agreement.

Exclusion Right of withdrawal

Amaze 360 can exclude the following products and services from the right of withdrawal, but only if amaze 360 has clearly stated this in the offer, at least in good time before the conclusion of the agreement:

  1. Products or services whose price is subject to fluctuations in the financial market over which the entrepreneur has no influence and which may occur within the withdrawal period;
  2. Agreements concluded during a public auction. A public auction is understood to mean a sales method in which products, digital content and/or services are offered by the entrepreneur to the consumer who is personally present or who is given the opportunity to be personally present at the auction, under the direction of an auctioneer, and where the successful bidder is obliged to purchase the products, digital content and/or services;
  3. Service agreements, after full performance of the service, but only if:
    1. the execution has started with the express prior consent of the consumer; and
    1. the consumer has declared that he will lose his right of withdrawal as soon as the entrepreneur has fully performed the agreement;
  4. Service agreements for the provision of accommodation, if the agreement provides for a specific date or period of performance and other than for residential purposes, freight transport, car rental services and catering;
  5. Agreements relating to leisure activities, if the agreement provides for a specific date or period for its implementation;
  6. Products manufactured to consumer specifications, which are not prefabricated and which are manufactured on the basis of an individual choice or decision of the consumer, or which are clearly intended for a specific person;
  7. Products that spoil quickly or have a limited shelf life;
  8. Sealed products that are not suitable for return for reasons of health protection or hygiene and of which the seal has been broken after delivery;
  9. Products that are irrevocably mixed with other products after delivery by their nature;
  10. Alcoholic drinks, the price of which was agreed upon when the agreement was concluded, but the delivery of which can only take place after 30 days, and the actual value of which depends on fluctuations in the market over which the entrepreneur has no influence;
  11. Sealed audio, video recordings and computer software, the seal of which has been broken after delivery; Newspapers, periodicals or magazines, with the exception of subscriptions thereto;
  12. The supply of digital content other than on a tangible medium, but only if: the execution has started with the express prior consent of the consumer; and the consumer has declared that he loses his right of withdrawal.

Delivery and Execution – Webshop

  1. Amaze 360 delivers digital content that is executed immediately after purchase.

Promotions and Offers

  1. For limited time and retail offers, the terms and conditions as displayed in the location apply, unless they are displayed with the offer or with a direct link to the terms and conditions.

Complaint management

  1. Amaze 360 is committed to effective and prompt complaint management, problem resolution, and the analysis and mitigation of the conditions causing the complaints. Any complaint or dispute between you and Amaze 360 should be raised by sending an email to info@amazedesign.eu Amaze 360 is committed to providing a response within 30 calendar days.

You are permitted to view, print and download extracts from the Amaze 360 ​​website for your own use on the terms that:

  1. No documents or related images on the website are modified in any way;
  2. No images on the website are used separately from the corresponding text; and Our copyright and this permission statement appear in all copies
  3. You do not have permission to copy or reproduce any of the escape game elements, names and/or designs of Amaze 360.
  4. Unless otherwise stated, the copyright and other intellectual property rights in all material on the website (including, without limitation, photographs and graphics) of Amaze 360 ​​belong to Amaze Design. Unless otherwise agreed, any use of extracts from the website or the Amaze 360 ​​other than in accordance with point 1 of the Copyright, Protection of Intellectual Property Content section is prohibited and in the event that you violate point 1 of the Copyright, Protection of Intellectual Property Content, your permission to use the website and all Amaze 360 ​​services will automatically expire and you are obligated to immediately destroy all downloaded and printed extracts from the website or the Amaze 360. Part of item 1 of the Copyright, Protection of Intellectual Property Content section, no part of the website or the Amaze 360  may be reused or stored on other websites or included in any public or private electronic retrieval system or service without our prior written permission.
  5. The Amaze 360 ​​website contains text, trademarks, trademarks, trade dress, copyrighted material, service marks, domain names, inventions, expertise, potentially patentable business method material, design logos, phrases, names, logos, codes, software, programs, routines, auxiliary tool, developed and operated by Amaze 360 ​​as well as all developments, modifications and improvements to the foregoing and all documentation (user manuals, descriptions, presentations and all other types of documents in any form) in connection therewith, or any other indication of ownership which, unless otherwise designated and/or licensed under a third party license, are Amaze 360’s sole property and Amaze 360 ​​retains all associated right, interest and title and are protected by international copyright laws. The Amaze 360 ​​intellectual property rights cover (without limits) all copyrights, moral rights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets and design rights and all other intellectual property rights, whether registered or not.
  6. The compilation (meaning the collective, arrangement and composition) of all content on this website is the exclusive property of Amaze 360 ​​and is protected by international copyright laws. Amaze 360 ​​also claims proprietary rights under copyright and trademark laws with respect to the “look”, “feel”, “appearance” and “graphics function” of this website including, but not limited to, the color combinations, layouts and designs.
  7. Amaze 360 ​​grants you permission to view and use content and software made available to you on the website in connection with your use of the website. Any other use, including reusing, adapting, distributing, selling, transferring, republishing, displaying or performing the content and software of this website or using it in any way for any public or commercial purpose is strictly prohibited.
  8. You will not use or register a domain name identical or similar to any of these rights. You agree that you will not attempt to obtain or confuse the word “Amaze 360” with it on Google AdWords or any similar Internet advertising service.
  9. You will not use or register any escape games that are identical, similar to or confused with the escape games managed by Amaze 360 ​​and which may be confusing to customers.
  10. All other trademarks, service marks and copyrights are held by their rightful owners.


  1. Amaze reserves the right to keep all records of all transactions and communications between you and Amaze 360 for administrative purposes
  1. The Amaze 360 ​​website may contain links to other websites so that you can learn more about other matters that Amaze 360 ​​may be of interest to you.
  2. If you use these links, you will leave the website. The inclusion of such a link does not in any way imply endorsement by Amaze 360 ​​of such website or any association with its operators. While Amaze 360 ​​will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that these websites meet your approval, Amaze 360 ​​does not control and is in no way responsible or liable for the availability and content of the websites to which the Amaze 360 ​​website is connected.
  3. Amaze 360 ​​makes no representations whatsoever about any other website (including, but not limited to, the material found there or any consequences of its use) that you may access through the Amaze 360 ​​website.
  4. Any concerns regarding any product or service offered by any website to which the Amaze 360 ​​website is linked or the link itself should be directed to the operator of that particular website and not to Amaze 360.
  5. If you decide to access any third party websites linked to the Amaze 360 ​​website, you do so entirely at your own risk.
  6. If you wish to link to the Amaze 360 ​​website, you may do so only provided that you link to the website and do not replicate it and meet the following conditions:
    1. You will not remove, distort or alter the size or appearance of any logos used by us on the website;
    1. You do not create a frame or any other browser or edge environment around the website;
    1. You in no way imply that we endorse any products or services other than our own;
    1. You will not misrepresent your relationship with us or provide any other false information about it;
    1. You will not otherwise use any Amaze 360 ​​trademarks (whether registered or unregistered) displayed on the website without our prior and express written permission; and
    1. Your website does not contain any content that we, in our sole discretion, consider to be distasteful, objectionable or controversial, infringe any intellectual property rights or other rights of any other person or which does not otherwise comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  7. We expressly reserve the right to revoke the rights granted in point 6 of the Links to and from Other Websites Section, for breach of the Terms and to take any action we deem appropriate.
  8. You will indemnify us in full for any loss or damage that we may incur for breach of point 6 of the Links to and from Other Websites.


  1. You bear all responsibility and risk for the use of this website, booking interface and our services.
  2. This website and our services are provided by Amaze 360 ​​on an “as is” basis. Amaze 360 ​​and its subsidiaries make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, regarding the operation of this website or the information, content, materials or services contained on this website.
  3. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, Amaze 360 ​​and its subsidiaries disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement of intellectual property rights, or other proprietary rights and free from errors, viruses, bugs or other harmful components.
  4. Amaze 360 ​​and its subsidiaries shall not be liable for any damages of any kind incurred by any person or entity arising out of the use of this website and/or our services, including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, special , incidental, consequential, or damages arising out of any loss of use, data, business, goodwill, revenue, profits, contracts, anticipated savings, wasted management or office time, or business interruption arising out of or in any way related to the use of this website , any delays in the website, or the inability to use the website, any part thereof, or any hyperlinked website, whether based in contract, tort, negligence, breach of contract, strict liability or otherwise, even if Amaze 360 or any of its subsidiaries have been advised of the possibility of such damages.


  1. You warrant that it is legal for you to view the website in the jurisdiction to which you are subject. You are responsible for compliance with all laws of that jurisdiction when viewing or using any of its content.
  2. These Terms may not be modified, supplemented, qualified or interpreted by trade usage or prior trade transactions not contained in the Terms by express terms.
  3. The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of these Terms shall not affect the validity or enforceability of these Terms as a whole and such provision shall be enforced by the authorities and reconstructed as necessary to give maximum effect under applicable law.
  4. If any provision of the Terms is unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions. The remainder of the Terms shall be construed as if this invalid or unenforceable provision were never part of the Terms, but in a manner as closely as possible to the parties’ original intent.
  5. Failure by either party at any time to enforce any of the provisions of these Terms, to exercise elected elections or options herein, or to give effect at any time to the other of any of the provisions herein under no circumstances will be required. manner shall be construed as a waiver of such provisions.
  6. You agree that if Amaze 360 ​​does not exercise or enforce any legal right or remedy under the Terms (or from which Amaze 360 ​​benefits under any applicable law), this shall not be construed as a formal waiver of the rights of Amaze 360 ​​and that those rights or remedies are still available to Amaze 360.
  7. Reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs will be awarded to the prevailing party in the event of any dispute relating to the enforcement or interpretation of these Terms. The section headings used here are for convenience only and do not receive any legal imports.
  8. The Terms constitute the entire agreement between you and Amaze 360 ​​with respect to your use of the website and supersede any prior agreement or representation in connection therewith.
  9. The Terms supersede and supersede all prior proposals, understandings and all other agreements, oral and written, between the parties with respect to these Terms. These Terms may not be modified or altered except by written document duly executed by both parties.
  10. All notices to be given by either party to the other under or in connection with the Terms shall be deemed sufficient when sent by e-mail or facsimile in each case addressed to you at any e-mail address or fax number you have provided to us or to us at the email address shown in the Service Provider Information section of these terms.
  11. You acknowledge and agree that each member of the group of companies of which Amaze 360 ​​is the parent company are third party beneficiaries of the Terms and that such other companies have the right to directly enforce and rely on any provision of the Terms that confers an advantage on (or rights in favor of) them. Other than this, no other person or company may be third parties to the Terms.
  12. The present conditions are entered into for an indefinite period. Upon termination for any reason, you must return all documentation, confidential or proprietary information and materials and all copies thereof in your possession or delete all copies thereof that are held electronically.
  13. We reserve the right to change this agreement at any time. In case of changes to the agreement, the new agreement will be posted on our webpage.