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For those looking for a bit more interactivity in their entertainment, we have the answer for you: an online remote escape room or virtual escape room!

What is an online 360 escape room?

A 360 Escape Room is an online multiplayer game which takes place in a real-life escape room. With a 360 panoramic view of the rooms you can navigate through the game zones and move around the virtual room. Your team is challenged to find hidden objects and solve the complex set of puzzles. Each player can independently explore the room, move objects and access the inventory of the props, which is shared between all team members. Every new item you discover is added to the inventory and is visible to all players. If your teammate uncovers one of the secrets of the game … all players will know about it! Communication and cooperation is key here as well, just like in a real life escape room!


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Game Flow


Welcome email with instructions

Every player receives a customized welcome email


Login to the online game portal

Players can watch the tutorial video

Each team can choose a team name


Play in a real escape room environment.

360 interactive room view with props

Multiplaye interface.(you see the other teammembers actions)

Integrated live video chat


Team-photo and leaderboard

Download and share your team-photo and finish time

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What do you need
to play the game?


We advise a maximum of 7 people / team to play the virtual escape room.

PC & Internet:

You need a minimum of 1 PC/laptop/tables with internet access (min. 10 Mbps).

Web browser:

– Microsoft PC – Chrome, Brave

– Mac – Chrome, Safari.

Communication platform:

There is an integrated video chat in the game, therefore you do not need any external communication platform.


The use of a webcam is advisable not required. We recommend you use a headset with a mic to communicate with your team.

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Story Lines

Crazy Doctor


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Crazy Doctor

Your friend, Anna had some symptoms of COVID-19, so she made an appointment with her doctor, Dr. Condor. She went to his private practice, but you haven’t heard from her since. It’s been days!

You decide to look for more information and find out something strange. Your friend Anna isn’t the only one who went missing after her doctor’s appointment… There are rumors that Dr. Condor is conducting horrific experiments on his patients… Someone should find out the truth! We’ve made an appointment for you to go to Dr. Condor’s office and investigate. Can you find Anna, or will you also disappear in the Crazy Doctor’s room? 

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